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Same great product our farmers are using worldwide but in smaller portions for the everyday gardener.  Works on all gardens, house plants, and flowers except those plants in the brassica family, which only is about 5% of earth’s vegetation.  That means it works on 95% of the plants we grow.   The keys to any mycorrhizal product is spore vs. propagules and specie diversity.  Let us explain, spores are the actual “workers”, so you will want lots of spores.  Propagules literally could be anything i.e(root hair, root chunk, dust, dirt, sand, literally any material)  High propagule count does not mean you are getting high spore numbers.  Diversity matters!  Every mycorrhizal plant on earth use multiple species of mycorrhizae.  Knowing that, our formula is 8 species and specific to the North American climate and specific to the flowers, vegetables, house plants, and grasses we grow.  It is formulated right here in the USA and used by farmers across our great nation.


MycoMaxx Garden comes in a 2 ounce pouch with tens of thousands of live spores which cover a 100 square foot area garden.   Ways to use:  1.    Place contents of packet into 1 quart spray bottle, fill bottle with water, spray seeds prior to planting or spray in furrow while planting.    2.   Already growing transplants can be sprayed liberally onto the root ball before transplanting into ground or pot.  You can also use with a liquid syringe to inject a tablespoon of the water and MycoMaxx mixture into the ground, two inches below the existing plants base.  Product will enter the roots and grow the surface area of the root system as 50 to 100 times depending upon length of growing season.  You can have healthier vegetable gardens, flower beds, flower pots, and indoor plants without the need for harmful fertilizers and chemicals.  100% Organic!

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Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 4 × 5 × .5 in