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Boost your yields and fix your soil.

Biologically depleted soils will hamper your yields, stifle your garden plants and create unsustainable growing conditions. Mycorrhizal fungi are biological spores that infiltrate the root system of your plants during germination. This causes your root system to go crazy (in a good way) and "blow up" your root system - resulting in massive plants, bigger yields, and sustainable soil.

Keep your soil healthy for generations.

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Brady Krchnavy of New Age Farming was featured in Future Farmer magazine in a piece titled "Is Your Soil Healthy?". The piece explores the use of mycorrhizal fungi in regenerating soil health.

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We launched a brand new site dedicated to our mycorrhizal fungi products for garden plants. This site has our custom product, FAQs, and more information about best uses for our fungi.

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How Mycorrhizal Fungi Restores Soil Structure and Health

Mycorrhizae are naturally occurring soil fungi that are essential to plant life. These fungi penetrate the root system upon germination, colonize, and reproduce themselves within the root.


The Mycorrhizae then produce hyphae, which rapidly grow off the root system to gather nutrients and water. They can increase your root’s effective surface area by 50-1000 times. These hyphae will continue to grow the life cycle of the plant and form a symbiotic relationship with your crops. Through photosynthesis, the plant will send down starches and sugars to keep them growing and they in return supply the plant with the nutrients and water it needs to survive and reach maximum size.

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Soil Health and Farm Sustainability is our mission, Mycorrhizal Fungi is a big component for both, so no matter what you grow on your farm we have a product to fit your needs.

Who we are

New Age Farming LLC is a company based in North Dakota that specializes in Mycorrhizal Fungi. We have been working with farmers and universities on the research and development of Mycorrhizal Fungi for many years. We are the experts and lead the "field" in helping farmers to healthier soil and a more sustainable future. Click the learn more button below to see what Mycorrhizal Fungi is and what it can do for your farm.

Who we are