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About New Age Farming

We have a passion for helping farmers. Our products utilize mycorrhizal fungi to enhance root growth and soil health, which maximizes your crop’s growth and increases your yields.

New Age Farming was founded by Brady Krchnavy near Casselton, North Dakota in 2012. Brady grew up farming in SE North Dakota, and that's where his passion for farming started. When he was the sales manager at an agricultural radio station, he discovered Mycorrhizae at a farm show. After years of research and development and seeing great results with his products, he decided to start his own company to work with this new mycorrhizal fungi technology full-time. After nearly a decade and a half, his story comes full circle because he now helps farmers worldwide optimize their soil health and yield potential.

We are proud to be known as the nation’s leading supplier of mycorrhizal fungi for commercial farming.

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Our Goals

Our goal is to cultivate positive soil health and strengthen plant stress tolerance while increasing crop yield for more sustainable growing. By offering products that concentrate on soil health and plant vigor, growers can attain higher yields. Because of this, we have a brighter outlook on future generations of farmers.

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