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MycoMaxx Plus


MycoMaxx Plus is an eight species, endo mycorrhizal fungi combined with carefully selected bacteria to maximize soil functionality. This combination of fungi and bacteria will greatly increase mineral and nutrient uptake in the plants we grow. MycoMaxx Plus is formulated to fit the needs of farmers throughout North America.


MycoMaxx Plus combines our flagship 8 specie mycorrhizal fungi product, MycoMaxx, with a carefully selected bacteria combination to give producers the ultimate in soil productivity.  With the big ag narrative focused on the chemical levels in your soil, we focus on the biology to deliver those usable chemicals to the plant.  The bacteria in the MycoMaxx Plus solubilize P, K, Zinc, and many other valuable micro and macro nutrients making them readily available for the mycorrhizal fungi to bring them to the plant.  With this combination the plant can bring in 10-20lbs more of P & K than by applying the MycoMaxx alone.  This is an in-furrow with starter fertilizer formulation.  1kg Container covers 80 acres.  Order now to reserve your product for plant!


  • Increase root surface area by 50-100x
  • Increase nutrient and water uptake
  • Increase soil health, structure and tilth
  • Protects against root rot
  • Manages Cyst Nematodes naturally
  • Unlocks up to 80% of the plants Phosphorus
  • Naturally brings in up to 20-40lbs of Nitrogen yearly, thus reducing fertilizer dependency and leaching.
  • Increases drought resistance
  • Reduces side dressing or Y-dropping needs
  • Reduces erosion by increasing the glomus strains
  • Reduces plant stress disease
  • Greatly improves yield potential

MycoMaxx Plus has carefully selected bacterial benefits:

  • Phosphorus solubilizing bacteria to bring in 10-20lbs or more P annually
  • Potassium solubilizing bacteria to bring in 10-20lbs or more K annually
  • Greater tolerance to stress and protection of phytopathogens to promote growth stimulation
  • Greatly increases the solubilization of micro and macro minerals and nutrients




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Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 6 in