Mycorrhizal Fungi for Hydroponics

plants growing in a hydroponic trough inside a greenhouse

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Hydroponics is becoming very popular in recent years due to the lower environmental impact and relatively little space needed. Residents of urban areas have an increased desire to grow their own food, and hydroponics gives them the ability to grow plants without owning land.

MycoMaxx is a perfect fit in hydroponics because it can be added to a soil-less growing medium or directly to the fertilizer solution of your choice. Our 8-specie MycoMaxx formula will increase the root surface area by 50-250 times, which increases the nutrient and water uptake. This results in larger and more bountiful produce.

We have products for both commercial and residential hydroponic growers.

MycoMaxx Garden - Residential Growers

MycoMaxx - Commercial Growers

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