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BactoMaxx Organic


BactoMaxx Organic is the 100% organic version of our concentrated, stabilized multi-specie nitrogen-fixing bacteria, used in furrow or as a seed treatment.


Just like our standard BactoMaxx, these bacteria have the ability to fix atmospheric nitrogen at a rate of 20 – 30 lbs per acre – but with an organic-approved carrier.  Combine this with the MycoMaxx Organic (like MycoMaxx OMRI?) fungi and you have a duo that will bring in more NPK, Water, and Micronutrients than you ever thought possible!  Comes in 80-acre containers.

BactoMaxx Organic contains two strains of Azosprillum, giving your plants the ability to naturally fix nitrogen throughout the year. Our formula provides stability and bacteria viability, allowing more nitrogen to be consumed by the plant. This is all done with an organic carrier making it easily certifiable with all organic certification organizations.