Mycorrhizal Fungi for Horticulture

commercial greenhouse

Commercial horticulture includes greenhouse and nursery environments where plants can be planted and germinated by the thousands if not millions. Most of these facilities intensely manage the temperature, fertilizer, sunlight, and irrigation to give small plants every advantage of survival.

The real problem is getting plants to successfully transplant into a flower garden or individual pot. It can be hard for plants to come from a perfect greenhouse environment to outdoor living. The answer is in the soil –or maybe –what your soil is missing! Mycorrhizal Fungi are the backbone of a strong robust root system that will supply the plant with the nutrients and water needed to thrive.

Most commercial plant growers use soil that lacks the diversity of mycorrhizae needed to give the plant optimal roots and growth. MycoMaxx can deliver exactly what your plant needs with 8 species of fungi. It will immediately start colonizing in your root system and start growing the root's surface area from 50-250 times in size – giving your plants the advantage they need to flourish!

We have products for both commercial and residential growers.

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