Mycorrhizal Fungi for Turf & Lawns

Having the best lawn in the neighborhood is a passion for many homeowners. They spend thousands of dollars on expensive fertilizers, aerators, herbicides, and water each year. Grass is actually one of the simplest plants to grow. Grass has been on earth for eons, just like mycorrhizae. That's why they are perfect together!

When urban developments are built, the topsoil is scraped away to prepare for the foundation. Once the house is built, topsoil and/or black dirt are replaced around the house. This dirt is then seeded or sodded with grass. The black dirt is often void on mycorrhizal fungi due to UV light killing the dirt while it sits in the sun. Getting mycorrhizal fungi back into the soil will increase your root's surface area, supplying the plant with more water and nutrients for photosynthesis. In return, the plant will send starches and sugars to the roots to feed the mycorrhizae and keep them growing. It is a symbiotic relationship that has been working for hundreds of millions of years!

Whether you are a turf company growing hundreds of acres of grass or just want to have a healthy green lawn, our 8 specie MycoMaxx can deliver.

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