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MycoMaxx OMRI


MycoMaxx OMRI is an eight species, 100% organic Endo Mycorrhizal formulation that is formulated to fit the guidelines of OMRI certification.


New Age Farming LLC is pleased to announce they have formulated and will be supplying our great organic farmers an OMRI listed product.  Same great 8 specie product, just formulated to fit the OMRI guidelines.  Order yours today to ensure you get your MycoMaxx OMRI for plant!


  • Increase root surface area by 50-100x
  • Increase nutrient and water uptake
  • Increase soil health, structure and tilth
  • Protects against root rot
  • Manages Cyst Nematodes naturally
  • Unlocks up to 80% of the plants Phosphorus
  • Naturally brings in up to 20-40lbs of Nitrogen yearly, thus reducing fertilizer dependency and leaching.
  • Increases drought resistance
  • Reduces side dressing or Y-dropping needs
  • Reduces erosion by increasing the glomus strains
  • Reduces plant stress and disease
  • Greatly improves yield potential


Additional information

Weight 50 oz
Dimensions 5 × 8 × 8 in